• Who should I contact regarding hangar and tie down space?
    Limited hangar space is available for rent as well as ramp tie-down space. Contact the Airport Manager (contact form) for information

    Tie Down on ramp $57.00 / month
    T-Hangar rent (airport owned) $101.00 - $198.00 / month
    T-Hangar rent (Howard side) $198.00 / month
    Larger Twin $370.00 / month

  • Is there an FBO and how to I contact them?
    Aero-Smith, Inc. provides full FBO services. They can be reached at (304) 262-2507

  • What are the Landing Fees?
    Contact the Airport Manager (contact form) for information

    Effective 01/01/2017:
    Landing fees apply to all non-exempt aircraft at and above 5,000 lbs (MGTOW)
    For aircraft weights between 5,000 lbs - 99,999 lbs: $1.50 per 1,000 lbs of FAA certified Max Gross Takeoff Weight (MGTOW)
    For aircraft at and above 100,000 lbs: $2.50 per 1,000 lbs of FAA certified Max Gross Takeoff Weight (MGTOW)

    Exempt Aircraft:

    Aircraft weighing less than 5,000 pounds by FAA-certificated maximum takeoff weight (MGTOW)
    Military aircraft
    Federal aircraft
    State aircraft
    Locally-based aircraft who presence on the airfield has been registered with the EWVRAA

  • Is there a restaurant on the airport?
    Yes. "Crosswinds Cafe" is located on the second floor of the terminal building serving lunch Monday-Saturday 10:30am - 2:30pm; other times for catered group events.(304) 262-6081

  • Are there parking fees levied by the Airport Authority?
    Perhaps. Many light GA customers will likely be exempted from both parking and landing fees. Parking fees are applicable to all non-based aircraft wishing to park on any EWVRAA areas including the terminal ramp, southeast ramp, and taxilane "C". Parking fees are most often collected under the honor system with our 24-hour outdoor payment drop box. It contains local area and airport-related information. It is located airside, on the wall of our terminal building nearest to the door marked "arrivals"

    Please use our EWVRAA Payment Envelopes:

    Aero-Smith FBO fuel and services are available for aircraft parking on EWVRAA ramps by calling (304) 262-2507. Note: Larger, heavier aircraft fees may be billed by office staff. Aero-Smith customers parking immediately in front of the Aero-Smith East hangars (not the EWVRAA tie downs) or on the Aero-Smith-West FBO ramp are not subject to any EWVRAA ramp parking fees. They may still be subject to Aero-Smith FBO handling charges and to the EWVRAA landing fee.
  • How Can I pay my fees or rent after hours?
    A payment and suggestion box hangs outside the west wing, Suite 101 office of Office manager, Ms. Deana Bittorie

  • Does the airport have scheduled airline service?
    There is no scheduled airline service at the airport at this time. The nearest airports with scheduled airline service are Hagerstown Regl (Limited service). BWI (Baltimore-Washington Intl), IAD (Washington-Dulles Intl) and DCA (Reagan National).

  • Who do I notify about an upcoming UAS (drone) flight within Martinsburg Class Delta "D" Airspace?
    Please contact the Martinsburg Air Traffic Control Tower at (304) 616-5304 during their typical hours of operation (Weekdays 8am - 12am; Weekends 9am - 5pm). See this link for more info on why providing notification is so important: Best Practices for Flying Your Drone Near an Airport.

  • Who do I contact to file a noise complaint?
    Most local noise comments received refer to Air Guard military activities. If that is the nature of your comments, please contact the West Virginia Air National Guard Public Affairs Office at (304) 616-5240 or the Airfield Management Office (304) 616-5251.